Feel Good Salads

Dinner served 6pm – 10pm

All salads are served with Dijon dressing

  • Garden Salad - Salads Norwest

    Garden Salad

    Tomato, cucumber, onion, capsicum, mixed salad leaves

  • Greek Lamb Salad - Cafe Hills District

    Greek Lamb Salad

    slow cooked lamb topped with mint yogurt , cucumber, tomato, feta, herbs, spices, mixed leaves

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    Haloumi Salad

    Grilled haloumi cheese, mixed leaves, tomato, onion, capsicum, lemon

  • Mediterranean Salad - Best Restaurants Norwest

    Mediterranean Salad

    Mixed salad leaves, olives, nuts, feta, tomato, cucumber, capsicum

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    Prawn Salad

    Prawn cocktail, tomato, cucumber, onion, capsicum, mixed salad leaves

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    Saffron Chicken Salad

    Chicken thigh fillet, marinated with herbs and spices. Served with garden salad