A favourite Afghan table experience
(دستر خوأن Dastarkhawan)
We have combined a few dishes to tantalize your taste bud and give you a truly Kabuli table hospitality.

Lamb kebab – premium lamb diced, grilled and sprinkled with, sumac and spices, served with salsa and naan (one skewer for each person).Mantu – lamb mince cooked with onion, fresh garlic, a touch of ginger, coriander, pepper and turmeric. First baked and then filled into wonton style pastry parcels before steaming then sprinkled generously with yoghurt, lentils and Afghan spices (one dumpling for each person).

Shore nakhod – salad with chick peas, potatoes, spices and salsa.

Garlic & tomato Bruschetta – pan fried with shallot, herbs and spices served on naan.

Burani badinjan – sauteed eggplant with garlic, ginger, onion, tomato, sprinkled with yogurt and spices, served with naan.

Kadu – a dip made from pumpkin which is sauteed with yogurt, herbs and
spices, served with naan.


Aushak – Afghani herb ravioli. Small pillows of wonton style pastry are filled with a mixture of gandana (a herb of the onion family) coriander, leeks, herbs and spices served under a natural yoghurt sauce generously sprinkled with minced lamb (on ravioli for each person).

Qabli pilaf (this is Afghanistan’s national dish) – slow cooked lamb, basmati rice topped with almonds, pistachio, spices, pan fried julienne carrots and sultanas.

Chicken Qorma – hot and spicy chicken fillet, onion, garlic, ginger, tomato, capsicum, spinach chilli, mixed spices.

Beef Chapli kebab – made with hot & spicy beef mince, chilli, garlic, ginger, onion, egg, roasted and ground chick peas, pomegranate paste, tomato, coriander seeds and Afghan spices, served with naan.

A favourite Afghan dessert – mix plate of Creme caramel, Firni and Jelly, served for sharing.

Noqul (sugar coated almonds) with green tea are served at the end of your meals or you could order your favorite hot beverage from our menu.

Bon appetit (nosh e jaan نوشجآن)

A favorite Afghan table (دستر خوأن dastarkhwan) is put together for eight people in mind at $50 per person.