Turshi (Afghani pickle) - mixed vegetables, marinated in vinegar with herbs & spices$3.90
Afghani salsa - an accompaniment made of coriander, garlic, chilli, vinegar, salt, pepper$3.90
Chilli paste - freshly grounded chilli with herbs and spices (our own)$3.90
Mango chutney (sub continent)$3.90
Papadum - 6 piece Indian papadum with afghan salsa$3.90
Chalow - long grain basmati rice baked Oum style with a touch of salt and oil$3.90
Plate of chips$3.90
Hot and spicy chips with afghan salsa$9.90
Palau (palaw, pilaf) - central asian style which is Oum 'air cooked' or baked. first rice is hand washed soaked in water overnight, boiled halfway, strain mixed with salt water and touch of oil and then Oum (Long grain low GI basmati rice and lamb stock is used)$9.90