International Main Dishes

Fish – Seafood

Atlantic salmon - 200 grams pan fried with herbs, butter served with rice$24.90
Seafood Cleopatra - fish fillet, prawns, calamari, spinach, shallot in a creamy seafood sauce$19.90
Lemon sole - 300 grams whole fish, herbs, vegetables margarine$24.90
Creamy garlic prawns - pan fried with a touch of mustard oil, orange juice, coriander lemon oil, ground clove, , tomato and mustard seed, served with rice(chilli optional)$19.90
Red curry prawns - chill, garlic, ginger, curry paste, coconut, cream, rice$19.90
Fish biryani for 2 - long grain rice, biryani spices (pre order only)$34.90
Hot & spicy fish for 2 - garlic, ginger, herbs & tomato served in Karayee with naan$24.90
Mediterranean paella for 2 - prawns, calamari, garlic, ginger, herbs, tomato, spices, long grain rice (our take on Spanish Classic)$49.90
Seafood dumpling (gyoza) - 6 pieces, prawn, fish, squid, creamy seafood sauce$19.90
Spicy fried fish - fish spices, served with chips (pre order only)$19.90



Chicken breast - selected chicken breast which is tenderized then grilled to perfection$14.90
Plum chicken - breast fillet topped with plum sauce$14.90
Chicken schnitzel - breast fillet, tenderized, freshly crumbed, served with chips$14.90
Sea and mountain - chicken breast, prawns, calamari, spinach, shallot, creamy sauce$19.90
French chicken - camembert, prawns, herbs, spinach, shallot, in a creamy sauce$24.90



New York - 300 grams grain & grass fed, char grilled to your taste$24.90
Eye fillet - 300 grams grain & grass fed yearling lean & tender$34.90
Scotch fillet - 300 grams, 120 day's grain & grass fed, char grilled to your taste$29.90
Mediterranean steak - eye fillet, pan fried mixed nuts, garlic, ginger, herbs, tomato, spices$39.90
Eye of schnitzel - freshly crumbed, tenderized, served with chips$34.90
Eye fillet with prawns - pan fried king tiger prawns, creamy seafood sauce$39.90
French steak - scotch fillet, camembert, prawns in creamy seafood sauce$34.90
Surf 'n' turf - New York cut topped with prawns and calamari in a creamy seafood sauce$34.90
Diane Steak - New York cut topped with creamy Diane Sauce$24.90
Mushroom Steak - New York cut topped with creamy Mushroom Sauce$24.90
Pepper Steak - New York cut topped with creamy Pepper Sauce$24.90
Onion Steak - New York cut topped with fried onion$24.90
Chilli Garlic Ginger Steak - New York cut topped with pan fried chilli garlic ginger$24.90
Lamb Steak - 200 grams Lamb back strip tenderised and topped with your favourite sauce$19.90