International Appetizers

Calamari-freshly crumbed then deep-fried served with lemon$9.90
Garlic & tomato bruschetta- pan fried with leek, herbs and spices served on naan$9.90
Prawn bruschetta - pan fried with garlic, ginger, leek, herbs, spices, served on naan$14.90
Creamy prawns - 4 prawns pan fried and served in a creamy seafood sauce
(mustard oil, orange juice, lemon oil, ground clove, coriander, tomato and mus-tard seed)
Garlic prawns - in olive oil garnished with leeks (chilli optional)$14.90
Octopus - char grilled or Hot and spicy octopus with chilli garlic and ginger$14.90
Salt and pepper squid - pan fried with garlic, pepper, salt, leeks, herbs and spices$14.90
Twister prawns - infused with coriander, onion garlic rolled in a crispy wonton style pastry ( 4 pieces)$14.90
Cranberry camembert - freshly crumbed then deep fried and served with cranberry sauce$14.90
Red curry of scallops - 3 scallops pan fried with, spices, coconut, fresh cream, rice$14.90