Ice cream with topping - chocolate, strawberry, caramel, vanilla, sour cherry sauce, salted caramel$5.00
Afghani pannacotta (firni) - milk, cornflour, sugar, sour cherry sauce$10.00
Hot choclate sponge cake - with Chocolate sauce Served with ice cream$10.00
Hot orange cake -served with ice cream$10.00
Creme caramel with ice cream$10.00
Affogato - Ice cream with shot of espresso$10.00
A favourite Afghani dessert - a combination of creme caramel, fruit Jelly and firni$15.00
Indian gulab jamun - the traditional royal soft cottage cheese dumpling with cardamom flavoured sugar syrup served with ice cream$10.00
Afghani shol-e-zard (saffron risotto dessert) - arborio rice, saffron, sugar, pistachio and almonds served with ice cream$10.00
Rasmalai - traditional Indian dairy dessert with pistachio and cardamon$10.00
Afghani ice cream - pistachio, cardamom, rose water, evaporated milk, noodle rice$10.00
Afghani halwa-e-suji - semolina, sugar, cardamom served with ice cream$10.00
Turkish ice cream - salep, pistachio, rose water, milk