Good Restaurant Sydney
At “Zac's Great Food Restaurant“, we channel the energy and passion into our culinary creations, decor, service and ambiance.

This Afghani restaurant in Hornsby, having a simple Afghani and International food menu, is a cut above our competition. Friendly, helpful staff demystifies the wide ranging menu of blended and complementary food.

Utilizing the freshest produce as well as the best imported herbs and spices, our indigenous cooks create culinary magic. From slow roasted, delicious Aghan Mantu dumblings to kebab, each plate is prepared exactly as ordered

Crispy veggies are prepared prior to cooking, to ensure maintenance of nutriments and depth of flavours. Our menu features daring as well as “homey” foods

Our menu includes:

If you are in the mood for Afghani cuisine in Sydney, we recommend the Afghani Bouz Qorma or Fresh Lettuce Wraps followed by the Panang Salmon or Kong Op Woon Sen.

Zac's Great Food Restaurant” carries the exciting flavors of authentic Afghani cuisine and Lamb Biryani ¬†creations all within a laid back, yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Zac's Great Food Restaurant is a wonderful restaurant decorated in a lovely Rustic Afghan style. Serving excellent Afghani and international food in Hornsby area along with drinks and cocktails.

Whether looking for dinner or late night snack, “Zac's Great Food Restaurant” has it all.

Besides being delicious, our menu is full of authentic food in Sydney. Contact us for more information at 02 9484 6799