Afghani Banquet

($35.00 per head)
for 2 person or more
include entrees, mains, dessert and your corkage

Afghani dumpling – lamb mince cooked with onion, fresh garlic, a touch of ginger, coriander, pepper and turmeric. First baked and then filled into wonton style pastry parcels before steaming then sprinkled generously with yoghurt, lentils and Afghan spices.

Bouranee kachaloo
Sautéed potatoes, herbs, spices, yogurt, naan

Lamb kebab
premium lamb back strap diced, grilled then seasoned with afghan spices and served with naan and afghan salsa on skewer each person

Qabli pilaf
(this is Afghanistan’s national dish)
slow cooked lamb, basmati rice topped with almonds, pistachio, spices, pan fried julienne carrots and sultanas

Afghani butter chicken
cooked without sugar, with special butter chicken spices, garlic. ginger, yoghurt and cream, served with rice (it has mild spices, chilli optional)
or chicken Qorma

Mixed Dessert
crème caramel and firni (afghan pannacotta with sour cherry sauce)are accompanied with ice cream sprinkled with pistachio and dusted with cardamom severed alternatively